If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

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A strange thing I start to noticed in the technologies, is that we always tried to fit solution with the tools we already know regardless if it fit our need. Where did I see that, are you doing this yourself? Let’s have a look.

Wordpress I am talking to you

How many time I saw people using Wordpress for everything? Too many time, from a static website, to a E-commerce website, and sometime as Blog engine. That’s a big split. Is it possible that one tool can do everything perfectly? I don’t think so… However people always will try to fit the problem in a solution they already know. But could it be the lake of technical insight? Unfortunately no it is not…

For a javascript developer everything looks like non blocking and scaling

I remember once, developing a simple dashboard with nodejs. At first it looked like a good idea: “look how fast is it”, “we can scale in no time”, “we only code in a single language”. But when it comes to a dashboard what you really need is user management, templating system and easy access to data. And even if nodejs is a great technology it does not provide easily the core feature that you need for building a simple dashboard. So we built from scratch a user management system, same way for data access, and so one.

So guess what? We where six people working on it full time, and we where so slow. On the bright side we could scale but never had the need too.

Everything was really long to implement, at the end they rebuild the same project with rails and one developer (That’s what the legend say…).

Basically we choose a technology to solve problem we would never have. It was worthy for my experience but not for professional software.

I’m not saying rails would have been the only way, but we should have choose a technology to solve the problem we had, not the one we thought.

So maybe this phenomenon is reserved for IT related issues, right? Unfortunately no it is not…

Medicine too

If you complain about your shoulder and you met a surgeon there is hight chance that open you up would be the solution. Would it be right? Only if it fit your problem, and that’s all the problem. Probably having a second opinion with someone not specialized in opening people for living would be a reasonable decision.

So no more technical decisions …

I would not go so far.

I think it’s all about describing the problem, as best as possible, and trying to never loose in mind the problem we want to solve.

Also more difficult forgetting the solution we already know and look every other solution with a fresh eye.

It will not change the world, but it could save lot of time and problem in the future. And were you already in this situation, or it only happen to “others” peoples?