If you can code, you can fight

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After fighting for many years (Judo, BJJ, Boxing, wrestling, grappling, MMA) and coding for many years (Java, Php, C, Javascript, Ruby) I come to believe that if you can write good code you could be a really good fighter.

Indeed if you can write some good code chance are that you already have skills for fighting sport and here is why …

Your mind is “solving problem” oriented

A fight is nothing more than a problem to solve. Turns out, it’s a big problem you can cut down in many smaller problem. Sound’s familiar? Programming is exactly the same thing, the only difference is the timing. But by training it, you can get better timing however you already have the mindset.

You are not afraid to use severals tools

There is many ways to win a fight, and different style for each problem. If you’ve been writing software, you know that there is many technologies for many different situation. And you know that some technologies are better regarding what you want to achieve and you constraints. Fight is the same thing, if your opponent is far away from you, knowing some boxing would be the way. But as soon as you are in a clinch some wrestling could be useful, if you are on the ground some BJJ could solve your problem. You are curious about every tools and you’ll use the one you need at the time you need. And you’ll be dangerous because of that.

Hacking is in you DNA

To design/extend/fix software you need to be able to see the system in every angle possible. Everything is a system, and you can see every angle in order to perform your goal. Even if the system had never been designed for it. In fight sport the system to hack is the human body, yours and the one of your opponent. You’ll first try to hack your own body and see how removing some fat or improving nutrition could have effect on your strength, speed or agility. Then in a fight you need to perform the right combination to “shut down” the opponent. And the more you search, the more “hacks” you’ll find:

  • Hit the chin
  • Hit the liver
  • Choke him out
  • Break the arm
  • Break the legs

You’ll see fast that human body it’s just a system like any other …

You have discipline

If you are good developer, you follow convention, you are consistent and this quality will help you learning martial arts. Because let’s be honest, in a real gym, you will not learn fancy staff that you saw in Kung Fu movies. Most likely if you start boxing, you’ll spends weeks learning how to throw a jab. If you start BJJ you will learn how to pass the guard. If you do wrestling you will learn how to do a single leg … You will repeat again and again the same moves till you can do it without thinking about this. And to could go through this kind of journey, the discipline you’ve learned while coding will help you a lot …

Keep it simple

The same way you like to write simple code, fight like simple moves. If you do simple technique you have more chance to win over opponent because you have less chance to do mistakes.

If you are in good shape, what is your excuse?

So if you are not training martial art what prevent you from doing so? What other cross skill you could see?